Tidwell Septic has been in business for over 50 years. Being family owned, Tidwell Septic strongly believes in customer satisfaction, fast and friendly service and the importance of doing the job right by keeping your family or business safe and healthy with a properly functioning septic system.

At Tidwell Septic  we serve our customers effectively and treat them as we personally would like to be treated. To us, our customers are not an interruption or a bother, regardless of when they need us. We will not “run down” our competition. Instead we will strive to set an example and thereby call everyone in our industry to the highest of standards.


Choosing a Certified Septic Tank Pumper

You should choose the best pumper that suits your needs, not theirs.

It is not necessary that you locate your septic tank before calling us to pump. Ask the following questions:

What is the cost?
If the septic tank is over 1000 gallons, will extra gallons cost extra?
Does this include digging to uncover the lids?
Does this include the dumping fees?
Does this include inspecting the inlet and outlet baffles in the septic tank?
What if extra hoses are needed?



Grease Traps are maintained by the City in which your restaurant establishment is.  These traps should be pumped routinely.  Our recommendation is to pump a 1000 gallon grease trap at least every six months.  If larger, pump more.

Our specialty is large commercial septic systems as used for schools, resorts, shopping centers. Our 45 plus years of experience allows us to review engineers drawing and make recommendations for more practical installations saving contractors and property owners billions.

A few of our high profile projects are:

  • GA National Cemetery
  • Barnsley Gardens




Our mission is to strive to provide the highest quality and most professional service in our industry with unsurpassed value, quality and integrity.



We provide quality work for all residential and commercial septic cleaning needs. We service and sell parts for all makes and models of Aerobic systems.



We want you to be 100% satisfied, so let Tidwell Septic Tank Cleaning take care of all your septic cleaning needs!