C.L. and Doris Tidwell started the business many years ago as a regular residential plumbing company. They quickly realized the “root” of most problems homeowners face is the septic tank. C. L. decided to solve these issues by concentrating solely on septic tank installations and repair. Continuing as a family-owned business is important to the next generation, as well. Carla Tidwell Knight and Michael Tidwell carry on the tradition of providing customer satisfaction in all they do.

We know without our customers, there is no Tidwell Plumbing. And for this, we are truly blessed! When it comes to our service, we pride ourselves on our prompt, courteous, and professional work ethics, handling every job to your satisfaction.

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    When it Comes to Our Service, It’s Our Pleasure to Serve Our Customers And Neighbors Efficiently And Effectively.

    Our employees have well over 150 years of combined experience. We offer flat rate pricing, and we don’t have hidden charges. We strive to keep your family and business safe, happy, and healthy with a properly functioning septic system.

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    Septic Tank Pumping

    The only way to keep your septic tank system functioning properly is to have the tank solids pumped. [...]

    Sewer Services

    You may be building a new home or business or converting your septic system to sewer, we would love to give you a quote and make this possible. [...]

    Why Choose Tidwell Plumbing

    God, Family and Community

    Efficient & Effective

    It’s our pleasure to serve our customers and neighbors efficiently and effectively.

    Customer Satisfaction

    We offer a year's warranty for the workmanship of the job. Customer satisfaction is our concern!

    Detailed Inspections

    We provide a written detailed inspection report after each pumping for your records.

    Pictured: Chase, Ruthie and Katie Jones; Ashley, Jacob and Nora Knight; Randy and Carla Tidwell Knight; CL Tidwell; Ross, Michael and Justine Tidwell.

    About Tidwell Plumbing

    A Proud Bartow County Business For 65 Years

    Carl Lewis Tidwell was born in 1940 to Herschel and Ethel Tidwell. His childhood home was 508 Erwin Street in Cartersville. His dad worked for the EZ Mill and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. In 1949, CL’s parents purchased 80 acres for $25 an acre and the family moved out in the country and began farming. Located on a dirt road, the house had no electricity or indoor plumbing,

    where the current businesses are located today. CL and his siblings walked nearly two miles to catch a bus to attend Cassville School each day. At just 16 years old, CL left school to enter the workforce, and by age 19, CL purchased a plumbing license. Along with his brother, Jackie they officially began Tidwell Plumbing. To this day, CL holds the oldest plumbing license in Cartersville, Georgia. Over the next few years, CL excelled in his career, married his wife, Doris in 1961, and had two children, Carla Tidwell Knight and Michael Tidwell. Sadly, Doris passed away in 2018 after being married for 57 years. The Tidwell families continue for several generations’ right where it all began at the family farm on Sugar Valley Road. Now, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren live and work, alongside each other enjoying the fruits of God’s goodness.

    Septic Tank System Concerns

    Septic Tanks | Sewer Service | Inspection | Installation or Repair

    May 14 2024
    How To Care For Your System
    One in five U.S. homes have septic systems. Yours may be one of them.
    May 14 2024
    Pumping And Inspection
    The only way to keep your septic tank system functioning properly is to have the tank solids pumped.
    May 14 2024
    Septic Tank 101
    The best information about septic tank systems and the maintenance of them is available from the United States Environmental
    May 14 2024
    SepticSmart Tips
    EPA’s SepticSmart program is a nation-wide initiative to share information on the proper care and maintenance of septic systems...

    New Construction Installation

    We offer residential or commercial installations of septic systems or grease traps.

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    Realtor Assistance and Rental Property Maintenance

    We can assist in maintaining your rental property. We offer many same-day appointments and provide you or your clients/owners/tenants with the necessary documentation verifying the condition of the tank and drain lines.

    Repair and Additions to Existing Systems

    We offer residential and commercial repairs to existing systems.

    Some drain fields work fine for up to 25 years while others could fail in the first weeks of occupancy of a new home. In a properly designed drain field the usage of the system and site characteristics such as; slope, rock, groundwater level, and soil percolation should all be considered. That is why a soil assessment test is highly recommended by the EPA before approving a permit for the repair/replacement. A field may last from 10 to 20 years while a properly operated and maintained septic tank system should last at least 20 years.

    These are crucial steps in preparing for the repair/replacement:

    • The first step is to contact the Bartow County Health Department to request a repair permit. We cannot accurately quote a job without this information. The department will dispatch an inspector to your property and recommend the need based on their findings for your size home and the conditions of the location. To request a permit or for more information, please call them at 770.387.2614 or https://nwgapublichealth.org/environmental-health/land-use/
    • The next step, is to request a locate of all the underground utilities for your home from GA 811. Our office will take care of this for you. Once the request is placed flags/paint markings will begin to appear in your yard. After all the utility companies have located their lines, we will receive a detailed report. This allows us permission to know where to dig.
    • The last step is for our office to visit your home and prepare the quote. We will review these documents then call you to schedule a time.

    Several variables determine the price. The recommendation from the Bartow County Health Department plays a big factor in the estimate. We take their recommendation and factor in the size of the home, condition of the soil, location of the drain field, and cost of materials at the time of repair.

    Please contact Tidwell Plumbing for a specialized estimate for septic tank systems, drain fields, and sewer lines.
    For more information, please contact the Bartow County Health Department nwgapublichealth.org

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    A Proud Bartow County Business For 65 Years

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