Sewer Services


New Installation

You may be building a new home or business or converting your septic system to sewer, we would love to give you a quote and make this possible. Once you locate your sewer tap or have it installed, we can install your sewer line.


Traditional methods of sewer line repairs can be very disruptive to your landscape, displacing parts of your yard or garden, and often destroying parts of your hardscaping. It may even force you to dig up parts of your driveway or garage. Call us when you need such repairs. We can use our trenchless sewer repair methods and possibly keep you from damaging your landscaping. Many homeowners aren’t aware of “no-dig” technology, but we’ll make sure you are before we do any repairs to your sewer line.

Our Tidwell Plumbing Professionals can make sure that your sewer lines are free of any blockage or other problems that can lead to serious malfunctions. Whether roots have grown through your lines, broken lines, or any other problems causing clogs or lack of flow. We are ready to help find and solve the problem.

Sewage Pump Repair and Install

Sometimes sewer pumps are required to be installed in septic tanks, and for sewer lines. We can install a sewer pump, or replace a pump that isn’t working anymore.

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